Monday, 1 March 2010

Blessed are the bread makers

I made bread today albeit in the automatic pour all the ingredients in press a button and the magic begins Anthony Worral Thompson Breadmaker... I also made Jelly with Freya although that turned into a bit of a disaster, because after I had cut up all the jelly into cubes Freya insisted on putting them all into the jug shouting "My do it ... DADDY!!" and she did the usual of trying to stuff a sly cube into her mouth in the process.... I stopped her.... she threw a mini strop and flung half the jelly cubes on the floor.... Roxy of course who doesn't miss a trick snaffled the lot of them before I could even turn around.... because in Roxy's world anything that hits the floor is hers.....

So a much reduced in size jelly was produced for tea later on that day.... but Freya was happy... The bread has turned out ok as well... but when you're following destructions not a lot can go wrong really....we shall see.....

I've been busying myself with Andrea's running club website

They have wanted one for a long time to put up news of events and race timings and pictures etc and being the resident and (unemployed) IT guru it's the least I could do... I got the bare bones up and running and Andrea has done most of the content... it's not long now before the big day in London when she runs the London Marathon 7 weeks or so I believe..... I won't be able to cheer her on but I'll be watching it on TV with Freya .... Andrea's Mum and Dad are doing it as well (yes they are both nutty runners in their late 60's early 70's ... and very good runners too !!) along with a friend of ours Nicola... lets hope it all goes smoothly for her.... she still has quite a bit of fund raising to do, but I'm sure she'll do it in the end... so if any of you fancy digging deep... or even shallow throw some cash to this web page to help her on here way :)

Hopefully she'll get her article in the Carmarthen Journal and that might boost the donations......I'm really proud of my wife ..... but shshshshsh don't tell her she'll get ideas above her station :)

/set hint mode on

As for me.... my 47th birthday is looming fast on the 9th March as for birthday presents well anybody who is wondering what a man who has everything would like....that's easy one of these would crack a smile from ear to ear ----> OX accelerator spring No 6 <---- PS/ there are two types the standard OX No 6 and the OX accelerator No 6 only the accelerator type fits my rifle :) /set hint mode off

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