Friday, 21 May 2010

It's sweltering outside

I'm guessing summer has arrived... I've just been out on the decking behind our house (That sounds so 1990's !!) and the Sun is beating down.... I couldn't stay in it for longer than a few minutes and the air is perfectly still not a breeze can be felt... Wonderful ....and on our front lawn (we have three, front back and side) there is this fantastic carpet of daisies :)

There is something about going outside on a hot sunny day that just lifts your spirits :)

FOMO boy is coming back from Pendine today... he's spent the past week there on one of those activity holidays run by the school.... He'll probably sleep for a week once he lands back here.... I have to say when one of the kids stays away somewhere the whole dynamic of the family changes... can't quite put my finger on it but it's definitely noticeable ... ahhh yes of course.... peace and bloody quiet that's it !!! ;¬)
The fridge has had a weeks holiday and is remarkable full with his absence .... we even had a bunch of grapes last THREE whole days with him staying away .... He denies it of course.... but the evidence is written in stone now... I'm sure he's had a blast down there ..... if maybe went a little hungry ....

Anyway Andrea will be back soon with part of the tribe... so I had better find out what Freya has been destroying or drawing on with crayons.... because I can hear her singing away in the kids lounge.... that's ALWAYS a bad sign.....

Ohhh and the horses are back !!! :)

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