Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Post Office Broadband

So far so good.... The free wifi router they sent us (Zyxel P660HW-T1 V3) works a treat and it syncs at just over 3Mbits/sec which is a tad more than the BT Homehub at 2.2Mbits/sec.... I've actually been using the Post Office wifi router for over a week now on the old connection and it improved that... basically we are on the same length of copper wire to the same exchange probably plugged into the same patch panel on the same DSLAM unit ... the only difference is we are paying a lot less for it @ £25 a month including line rental and home phone.... BT was £37 before they started adding phone costs, Anytime @ £16 odd and then what it cost for the broadband !!!

We have made a major saving .... lets hope the service is as bad or better ;¬)

Our Broadband was only off for about 3 hours in total but it sprang into life just as the kids bus dropped them off ... it must have known that my step daughters life would be over if she couldn't login when she got home.....

bandwidth restrictions have been lifted they can youtube themselves to death from now on.....

Oh and for those of you interested in protecting your kids and limiting what they can and can't see/do online...... I would recommend installing OpenDNS on your kids computer.... you can filter out lots of bad stuff and if they try to open bad stuff it will simply put a page up on their browser saying whatever you want it to say to them.... it has tons of categories and it allows you to block individual websites.... so if your teenagers were spending too much time on Facebook for instance you could simply block access to it... Ohhh and best of all its FREE and very easy to setup !!! if you set it on your router and password protect your router your darling teenagers cannot bypass it....bombproof....

and seeing as downloading music is now a criminal offence I've already blocked person to person file sharing via OpenDNS, so ANY P2P software such as torrents or frostwire or limewire or any other kind of "wire" or gnutella ......simply do not work any more.... It could save you a hefty legal bill in this police state we live in called the United Kingdom !!!

there is a way of selectively blocking one individual computer but allowing other computers free access to the internet .....if you're interested in how to do it I'll be happy to tell you how via email

Anyway stuff to do :)

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