Friday, 25 May 2007

The Amazing Dremel Multitool

I had to share this with you, for all those unfortunate people who suffer from ingrowing toenails, and let me tell you you can get ingrowing toenails at any age, they have no idea what causes them, or indeed have an effective way of treating them, except removal of the entire nail bed, I've been to the chiropodist and have been charged the earth for having my cuticles removed with a scalpel, and can I just say, it is the most painful and sweat inducing procedure on the planet, needless to say one slip with that scalpel and an ingrowing toenail would be the last of your worries, the other option is having the whole nail bed removed, and I was put off by a friend who explained the whole procedure to me in gory detail, and after I had stopped going green I firmly decided that having the whole nail bed removed would be the very LAST option I would take...

anyway getting back to the painful condition of ingrowing toenails, or should I say my toenails, for years I had kept the pain at bay and I've suffered from them for nearly 10 years and the only way to gain relief was by careful pruning with industrial bolt cutters, which seemed the only solution open to me, then after one visit to the chiropodist, he carefully pruned the top of the nail with a scalpel taking off many layers of toenail with it, ( I was waiting for the spurt of blood if he slipped, but thankfully he stopped short of taking a layer of toe with it) and once I had removed my fingers knuckle deep from within the consulting chair armrests and put my shoes back on.....I was amazed !!!! low and behold no pain or discomfort, he explained that by thinning the nail bed he had made the nail softer and more pliable so the edges didn't dig in any more, so after this I enjoyed at least 2 months of pain free toes, the first time in absolutely ages :) ........then it struck me like a bolt of lightning, I could do this myself, I tried emery boards, nail files, but all seemed to cause more pain than it was worth.......I needed some kind of power grinder !!!

I looked at various battery operated tools to do the job but decided that none were up to the task in hand (or foot) considering my toenails are the second hardest substance known to man.......some weeks later I was walking through B&Q (well limping actually) getting some bits and pieces and I wandered over to the power tool section, and there in front of me was the answer to my quest....THE DREMEL 300 it came with 50 attachments and had a variable speed control of 300 to 14,000 rpm, so I limped over to the checkout with it and paid for it......and a very reasonable price it was as well :)

I got home and unpacked it, and set to work with a suitable attachment, remembering my physics that anything rotating at speed and applied at pressure, will produce heat (vast amounts of it), I started on a sedate 300 rpm, and gingerly took off effortless layer after layer of toenail, and what used to take me well over an hour of vigorous sanding, was over and done with in 5 minutes flat both toes done and dusted (literally) !!!! with no injuries sustained, no smoking toes, nothing....just perfectly smooth and perfectly pedicured toenails :) so I am chiropodist free now, and sport some pretty handsome looking toes to boot ;¬) life is good once more ..... the best £39.99 I have ever spent, my fiancĂ© would argue that her engagement ring was the best money I had ever spent, but she has no idea how many Christmas crackers I had to open to get that ring ;¬)

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