Thursday, 31 May 2007

OMG it's bloody high !!

I first got a taste for rock climbing in the Army whilst staying at a place called Bertchesgarten in southern Germany back in the early 80's, I really enjoyed it and whenever we had adventure training which was basically a "get away from the wives" exercise, I always signed up for it, I went a few times during basic training and during my stint in Germany, but unfortunately never pursued it once I left, well all this changed after my divorce, and I got back into it, I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed it, it was hard
the first few times out, because you use muscles that don't usually get stressed, and the next morning after the first climb, I remember thinking, as I was practically paralysed in my sleeping bag, with fingers like something out of a horror film, something this much fun shouldn't hurt so badly, but like all things if you keep at it, it gets easier, I pumped myself full of painkillers and took on the next climb that day, I have to say after 4 days of continuous climbing, I didn't hurt at all by the 5th day :) I met up with quite a few climbers and I have to say they are a mad lot, and come from all walks of life and their age ranges from as young as 16 to 60, the only worrying ones are the ones that have no regard for their own personal safety, which when you are climbing with somebody is very important, because if they fall and you are belaying them, then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what happens next, you can never have
too much "pro" in ;¬)

Anyway, It wasn't long after this I met up with Caralyn, she had always wanted to try climbing but never had the opportunity, so we went to Llangorse climbing centre to the indoor wall, I really recommend that place it's excellent, basically it was to give her a taster and after she was shown the basics, it turned out she was a natural at it :)

now 3 years later she is climbing insane grades way above me, (see picture above) and going off climbing in exotic places, and has her picture in various rock climbing magazines, so a bit of a rock climbing success, and a bit of a rock climbing star :) she has compressed into 3 years more rock climbing experience than most, I do worry about her though because she hasn't really had a bad fall yet, she has had a few slips but nothing heart stopping and until you get one of those you tend to think you are invincible, as for me, well things have conspired against me getting out on the rock recently, what with work and other commitments, although weather and time permitting this year I intend to get back to it.

I also introduced my fiancé to it at Llangorse, needless to say she is a natural at it as well, although she did have a fear of trusting the ropes, but once she found they really are very strong, and they weren't going to snap, (well if they can carry me without snapping, say no more) there was no stopping her, and she really enjoyed it, it must be that women are more supple than men, and what they lack in strength, especially upper body strength they more than make up for it by being able to put their foot up by
their ear !!! mind you they both had at least 10 years on me, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, mind you I've never really had the urge to put my foot up by my ear, even if it was physically possible for
me.....which it isn't :)

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