Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Suse Linux

Linux has come a long way since the early days of it being a command line operating system, I've tried Linux on a few occasions and liked it, mainly for it's speed of booting, it's no fuss configuration, and it's apparent immunity to virus infection and other malware, but it lacked support for the
major applications available at the time, but that has all changed now with OpenOffice (A Microsoft Office clone), I am sure there are some weaknesses to it as in all operating systems do, but they pale in comparison to any flavour of Windoze, so I have decided to install Suse Linux on the laptop at home.

That way we won't be bothered by Trojans and spyware and anything else that might want to infect the laptop and the kids can browse to their hearts content, The kids have their own computer but a laptop has it's obvious draw to them, thing is if I let them use it and I have anything business critical on it I would be a fool to let them use it, you can lose so much in the blink of an eye these days, so linux seems the obvious choice, they can use it and I don't need to worry about what is getting on it through the back door so to speak.....and of course the other thing is speed, linux is very fast, it knocks Windoze into a cocked hat for most things, and is well on the way to being a full featured operating system.....it even looks better than Windoze and probably gives "Vista" a run for it's money on less memory !! plus it will enhance my skill set looking after a linux desktop, something I haven't done for years since I supported Unix in it's many flavours..... And of course the other advantage is that its free !! so I feel a torrent download coming on tonight :) should only take a day or so it's 5 CD's worth !!! :(

you can get it here


addendum !!! it's installed "OpenSuse 10.2" and it installed without any real issues, the only thing it had a problem with was the Belkin 54G PCMCIA wireless card, but once the firmware had been extracted from the windoze driver (don't ask it's a licensing issue) and put in the right place in /dev/lib it booted and worked faultlessly, and works like a dream, laptop battery power has been extended by 40 minutes :) which I am pleased about, and the speed of loading applications is approx twice as fast as Windoze :) :) the only thing now is getting the kids off it to do some serious work on it.....because they have found the games which are installed by default :(

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