Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Penblwydd Hapus (to me)

Well that's it I've officially hit the middle ages at 47 years young it only seems like yesterday that I was 46 ;¬)

I certainly don't feel any different, but then again you never do, do you ? inside this creaking body is a 21 year old I can assure you..... but with 26 years experience behind it .....

I got a bottle of Jack Daniels from my parents, a neck, shoulder and back massage booked for me in town tomorrow off my better half, a pair of slippers off the kids and a box of peanut brittle (my utter favourite sweet of all time) from Freya and £25 from Andrea's mum and dad so not a bad haul for a 47th birthday :) :)

Anyway enough of the birthday stuff it's just another day really, I've never been big on birthdays especially my own.....

Well it's a cracking day today if a bit cold, but there isn't a cloud in sight the the Sun is fighting it's way through the early morning haze here in Wales. I think spring is officially here proper today..... lets hope this summer isn't a total washout like last year was.... Thankfully the Met Office have stopped giving long range forecasts so maybe the weather will behave this year :)

I've been watching that program on TV about a TV called Eddie Izzard running around the UK doing a marathon a day .... hat off to the guy he's one determined bloke I didn't realise he was 47 years old as well..... whatever age he is he's made a brilliant and very gritty achievement, I think lots of people would have given up in the first leg of the round trip of the UK..... respect !!!

Oh well on with the day........ :)

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