Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Home alone......

but busy cleaning and generally sprucing the house up, seeing as my impending redundancy is looming, I basically don't trust the company I work for to honour my holidays, so I've taken the whole lot in one go, which will backfire badly if they do find me a position within the confines of Swansea, but I'm not overly hopeful... so better to be safe than sorry :)

so for the next two weeks I'm a house husband, I really don't know what all the fuss is about, housework is easy !!! I've even had time to update my blog and make chicken soup :) mind you it has helped having Robert Miles's "Dreamland" blasting out at 450 watts, (which reminds me I must check the window seals on the double glazing in the office) .... although it does have an advantage in that all the spiders are deaf and can be crept up on and captured easily... we do seem to be getting rather a lot of the big hairy ones..... but shadow boy is the official spider catcher unless they are too big even for him then I'm called in... ;¬)

it's funny music it brings back the strangest memories, I remember who first introduced me to Robert Miles it was Brannan my mate from up in Leeds he gave it to me as a birthday present quite a few years ago now ( I don't think my ex wife and I even had a CD player at the time that's how long ago it was) it's a funny old world, I bumped into him on Facebook and we caught up with each other, he seems to be doing very well for himself, and good luck to him he worked hard enough for it along with his brother, I think he is in business with a company doing eco furniture or something now, who would have thought eh ?... anyway I digress, it's funny the memories music can dredge up, I was listening to the track "Children" from the same album and it took me right back to taking my daughters to school and my eldest always wanted to play it at full volume (or was it me ?) and we used to jump about when it got to the good bit about half way through, it made me smile but at the same time it made me sad, because it's just a memory nothing more.....

anyway stuff to do still got things to get done before Mein F├╝hrer gets home....... besides it's so loud in here I may well just go deaf, plus the pictures I have on the wall of my daughters are jumping about so I had better turn it down before the hamster dies of sonic shock :)

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