Thursday, 18 September 2008

Well I've finally had some time...

to update my company website, it's been lying dormant for months and months, so seeing as I am actually paying for the thing I thought it best to at least have something up there... it's nothing special (yet!) simply my company logo with a price list attached which I will update on a monthly basis at least until the development on it has been finished.... it may as well earn it's keep so to speak :¬)

It was a lovely day today a bit misty to start with, then all that got burnt off by the sickly and low in the sky sun and by the end of the afternoon it was quite balmy out in the garden, I even managed to strim the lawn (petrol of course my carbon footprint is way too small at the moment) in preparation for it's haircut hopefully this weekend (again petrol.... but with the size of our lawns it's not really doable on an extension by any stretch !!)...

I'm off with a friend of ours tomorrow we are driving to Newport they have bought a car off Ebay and she wants me along for the ride because :-

A) she is not very comfortable meeting a strange man with that amount of cash on her
B) wants to know if it's a clunker or not
C) her husband can't get the time off work
D) my diary was remarkable empty

I have a sneaking suspicion they have bought a Peugeot for one very sinister reason though, but it's no good I'm only qualified to fix 205's of a Duran Duran vintage, at least that's the plan and I'm sticking to it, besides I'm only a Haynes manual mechanic but I can even do the 7 spanner ratings !!! (I shall have to put that on my CV :¬) )....

I do intend to get to the river at some point and catch all the sea trout that are going spare at some point, but so far the weather has been against me amongst other things, so that is on the back burner at the moment, I have also got to clear the guttering as well, mainly because we have grass growing out of one part of it and I suspect it's not letting the water flow efficiently, I considered strimming it but I think that defeats the point ;¬)

onward and upward

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