Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My 201st post and maybe my last....

That is if we are to believe the media hype about the Large Hadron Collider @ CERN..... yes tomorrow they wind it up and turn it on, so we may all be sucked into a microscopic black hole originating somewhere in or around Switzerland :) cool !!!

I have found a rather amusing video from non other than CERN

I thought explained it rather better than I could, it made me laugh anyway :) what worried me was that one of the people awaiting results from the LHC is none other than Brian Cox !! the keyboard player from D:Ream turned physicist..... oh well "Things can only get better" I guess otherwise he will remain "Unforgiven" but as long as he doesn't "Blame it on me" everything will be ok in my world ( I think that about covers D:Ream's entire back catalogue ;¬)

anyway if you see a blog post tomorrow ...... the black hole didn't happen and I'm drinking coffee at work changing a password for some idiot who forgot his password two days ago even though he wrote it on his hand in biro..... sheesh

Oh and I've just remembered it's my ex wife's birthday today she was born on the 9th September 1960 (Bloody hell she is 48 years young today !!!) I always said if I ever traded her in it would be for a younger model ......well if you have tuned in Deborah Happy birthday and don't choke on your birthday cake.... :) or burn down the house with the veritable forest of candles ;¬) although I've heard you are good at blowing so the fire brigade probably won't be needed...... :) I won't bother sending you a humorous birthday card this year for two reasons but mainly because it's a case of mind over matter.......

A) I don't mind
B) You don't matter

(the really bright people will have noticed that I finished on a carefully crafted LHC pun)


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