Sunday, 14 September 2008

Well it didn't happen.....

But apparently it doesn't get switched to full power until October so a reprieve .... ;¬)

it's a bit mad really people are still talking about it and how some parents had terrible trouble calming their kids down because they thought it was going to be the end of the world... but there you go that's the power of the media, it's even influencing kids in primary school !! definitely a bad thing in my book..

The only other good news over and above not being sucked into a micro black hole is that Gordon Brown's leadership is looking a bit shaky at the moment, there are rumours of him being deposed in a "Et tu, Brute?" leadership challenge which seems to be gathering momentum amongst the cheap seats of the Labour party, I've got to be honest he was never elected anyway and he reminded me of some second rate understudy of Tony Blair waiting in the wings for his chance....not that Tony did us any good either !!! but I've never really been a fan of politics, they are a necessary evil but I try not to get too upset about who gets in, they are all as bad as each other once they have been in power for a few years, all promises and no substance, a bit like the help with insulating your homes, it's all a bit pointless this winter because there is a 6 month waiting list to get it done, by the time most pensioners get to the top of the list they will have to be chipped out of their Parker Knowles chairs !!

Lets hope it isn't a really bad winter because a lot of people are feeling the squeeze this year, there simply isn't enough salary at the end of the month any more :(

living and working abroad is looking more and more enticing, although there is little chance of it happening with us .... at this moment in time anyway.....

Money is definitely tight, and to quote a Simply Red lyric "too tight to mention" ... however..... it didn't help any, forking out for the kids to see their father down in Plymouth because he had car trouble it's been promised to be paid back but there is a mysterious silence, lack of contact and a definite lack of payment since, Well Andrea and I have said it won't be happening again, if the cash isn't up front they simply don't go until it is, we simply cannot afford to do it, and that isn't vindictiveness it's just fact !!

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