Sunday, 21 September 2008

Patrick Moore eat yer heart out ;¬)

As you can see I have managed to capture the Moon in all it's glory, unfortunately I didn't manage to set the time correctly on my digital camera because it wasn't just gone half past one in the afternoon when I took it, and I also only managed two photographs then my batteries died, so I gave up trying to get a closer photograph of the Moon, I took it through shadow boys telescope and simply held the camera up to the eyepiece on macro and thankfully because it does it's metering through the actual lens it was able to focus rather nicely on it :¬)

Well the weather is rather nice this weekend and has been since Friday, so nice in fact that I managed to take a few photographs outside the house from the decking of our valley

and as you can see I still haven't managed to set the clock on the bloody camera, but you get the general idea, it's pretty idyllic here when the weather is nice, something that has been severely lacking this summer, I have a friend coming up next week from Penarth, I've known him since I was five years old, I was even the best man at his wedding, sadly now he is divorced like so many of us are, people change, life goes on, his son Gareth is the spitting image of his Dad, the last time I saw him he was just above my kneecap running around in nappies.... time really does fly and it seems to accelerate the older you get.....

Anyway enough of that sentimental clap trap, we intend doing some trout fishing at the river just across the field, if you look at the bottom right of the second photograph you can just see a second field, well the river is just beyond that field it's about half a mile away all told, about a 10 minute walk..... hopefully we will pull something from the river....

My parents are on a coach trip down in the west country for the weekend, they took the coach because my dad has just had eye surgery to correct something or other, and as usual my Dad just brushes off this kind of thing as nothing serious, I swear if he accidentally chopped his hand off on his band saw he would simply wrap up the stump in a towel and carry on until he finished what he was doing... :¬)

The money situation is pretty dire, but we will survive, and I am continuing my search for another job whilst I'm on my two weeks off, my ex on the other hand is going to get a very large giro off the CSA this month, which will no doubt make her smile, bless her little cotton socks, I sincerely hope it is spent on the children, just think if she had let me see the kids all those years ago she would have got her maintenance way before now, but her smile won't last long because the prospects of finding another job around here that pays anywhere near what I'm on now are slim to non existent.... so it may well be her last Giro for a while

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