Thursday, 31 December 2009

it's just typical isn't it

I went to Carmarthen the other day to have my annual eye check and they found that my prescription needed some minor changes , I'm basically becoming more long sighted in my old age.... which means I can see a car number plate at 7 miles but can't read a book unless it's attached to a broom handle and held out in front of me .... anyway ...... I agreed to have different lenses fitted to my existing frames because despite being practically bullied into buying new frames...... I resisted, because my existing frames are comfortable so why change ?... so far so good you might think ?

This morning I sat on my very expensive frames shearing the left arm off completely on the day I was supposed to be having my glasses re-glazed ..... Joy !!

ahhh well, apparently they can fix broken frame arms, although knowing my luck I'll end up looking like Jack Duckworth complete with sellotape fixed arm....

Not too bad I've just got back from the opticians only £10 to repair the arm or £24 if they have to replace both.... (that makes sense ?)

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