Friday, 4 December 2009

what is going on with Google/Yahoo/Bing

Something funny is going on .....I've been following Climategate on Google/Yahoo/Bing search engines... and you know when you put in the search item on Google for instance it offers a drop down box of possible things you could mean ..... well yesterday if you typed in "Clima" and nothing more it would suggest "Climategate" ... similar on Yahoo and Bing.... basically it's showing you what is popular and most searched for on the net....

Today if you type in anything to do with Climategate it produces nothing but I know for a fact that Climategate is probably THE hottest topic on the internet right now.... What is going on ?

Censorship ?

it's the same with Yahoo and Microsoft Bing... although Bing does show Climate-Gate with a hyphen still..... although I'm watching it to see if that disappears today .... hmmmmmmm


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