Friday, 11 December 2009

Unbelievable !!

A London gallery is looking for a £3,000 brick called "revolting brick" by artist Gavin Turk which went missing and was replaced with a worthless 40p equivalent.... no doubt titled "cheap trick brick"

No !!

They are looking for a signature on a worthless 40p brick .... he didn't make it !! (actually I personally think the brick is worth more than Gav's signature any-day !!)

I find some modern art unbelievably pretentious, first off who would pay £3000 for a brick with a signature on it ??? Some idiot no doubt will....where it will sit on some equally pretentious £6000 coffee table with a box of matches tipped into the centre of it .... "That's a Gavin Turk that is....." .... "Really ? I thought it was a brick" ..... "Oh please don't strike the match on it.... it's modern art!!"

I'd have been more impressed if he had actually made the brick from scratch rather than just write his name on it with a black Sharpie Pen.... apparently he did (signed) ten bricks and the one that's been nicked is 8th in the series....

That's about all that needs to be said about this pathetic excuse for art...

On a slightly different note, I've just been reliably informed that the old Milk factory in Carmarthen which houses the Nolan Windows factory is in the process of burning to the ground !!! So all you people who have ordered new double glazed windows and conservatories .... I think your order may be delayed until after Christmas ... or possibly forever ..... I should imagine 1st KMH are pretty worried as well, because they are right next to the old milk factory... and it must be true because I can see a pall of black smoke drifting across where the dual carriageway is about 5 miles away and seagulls are dropping from the sky.... The insurance company isn't going to be pleased but at least Nolan's ledger will look slightly better after they've paid out.... (call me cynical)

Ps/ I have 2600 bricks personally signed by me at the bargain price of just £2999 each .... paypal or bank transfer only ... Thank you :)

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