Thursday, 2 August 2007

Ears (the update)

Well I went to the doctors, bizarre experience that it was, I've registered with a doctor, I haven't been to one in years not since well before the divorce, it turns out the doctor I have been assigned is the very same
doctor I had before I went into the Army in 1979, he is now the senior partner and the years haven't been kind to him, although when he was my GP he was fresh out of medical school, the bizarre experience though was when I handed in my registration form, the receptionist said "your Ann's brother aren't you ?" she remembered me and it's only when she saw my name it confirmed it to her...... the genes are strong, there's no mistaking a Brabrook it seems

Anyway the upshot is I have otitis externa which basically means my ears are cracking up and oozing plasma/pus, so much so that yesterday morning when I woke up, I had the pillow stuck to my right ear, which was very bizarre and I hit the roof when I peeled it off my face, because it disturbed my ear,
whatever it is it bloody hurts, turns out now that one of the kids has come down with it as well, I do feel sympathy for her, because it's not pleasant at all, luckily though only one of her ears is affected, both of mine are, it's not often I have to take a day off to get better, that's born out by the fact I haven't seen a doctor in years, anyway I have the opportunity now to have a full medical, so I will take advantage of it I think. My step daughter wants to go "coasteering" but unless her ear clears up, I don't think sea water will do her any good at all, I hope it does clear up, because she will enjoy it... I did :)

Anyway nothing much else to report except the kids cleaned out the static horsebox and painted it inside yesterday, they intend to use is as a den of some description, there is even talk of putting a TV and DVD player in there.....

GOD whatever happened to roughing it ? Next thing she will want her mothers GHD ceramic straightner's in there and a bathroom suite. ahh well it keeps them occupied these long summer holidays I suppose :)

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