Tuesday, 15 January 2008

is that rain outside I hear pitter pattering ?

and judging by the river this morning we only need another few hours rain and I'll need to put floatation tanks on the Pug to get to work, it was absolutely hammering it down last night and our babbling brook at the bottom of our field is now a raging torrent, the roar of which can be heard easily from our back door, the river Cowin has already burst it's banks by this morning

so other than the weather everything is fine at Chez Brabrook, we bought a

"Bumbo" chair for Freya off Ebay....and it works a treat, it basically makes her feel very secure, it supports her back up to just below her shoulders and her arms rest on the sides, not to mention the holes for her legs which clamp her in, she can't fall out of it and it's very secure and made of soft latex, so must be pretty comfortable to sit in, it's quite funny watching her sat in it, think of Buddha and the wobbly head dance and you're almost there :)..... she is a little sweetie, she is sleeping now from about 9pm till she is basically woken up whatever that time is, on the weekends is frequently 10am....she does like her bed that girl, and she always has a big grin for anybody that asks her, even at 8am in the morning !!! she must be getting gold top off her Mother, not that her mother can be a cow at times (I'm so dead for that one) ;¬)

Nah everything is tickety boo, kids are ok, dog is alive, hamster even gets topped up with water from time to time when it's banging it's head on the bars for attention....

One thing I am trying to do and that's educating the kids to turn things off after they have used them like LIGHTS and COMPUTERS and ANYTHING electrical, in fact after dark you can't miss our house on the hill, it's that MASSIVE SUPERNOVA of light that blinds you as you come over last hill from Carmarthen, yes that house that has EVERY light switched on in EVERY room along with EVERY computer and EVERY other electrical appliance, no wonder our lawn thrives so much it's getting perpetual light 24/7..... and it's not so much a Carbon footprint more a Carbon stampede......so far I'm having about as much impact as a Jehovah's witness giving out watchtower magazines at a witches coven on Halloween, I'm seriously considering setting up remote shut-down scripts on a schedule to automatically switch off computers after say 11pm (no arguments.....byeeee) all I have to master then are the light switches !!!!! I could always just super glue them off and give them a rechargeable torch each, that's gotta be cheaper ;¬)

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