Saturday, 19 January 2008

Well the stampeding mice

seem to have stopped, I suspect the poison has worked it's magic all I'm waiting for now is the faint odour of desiccating mouse to pervade the house at their last resting place(s) hopefully they all did a Captain Oates and went outside for a while....... One can hope :)

The weather is miserable today apparently 100mm of rain is falling on most of Wales that's 4 inches of rain in 24 hours !!! the ground is saturated enough already, to be honest I wouldn't mind some snow beats rain any day :)

I'm going to have to get the Pug's wheel bearings done and probably the track rod ends you know when they need replacing when you have to turn up the CD player to drown out the whine from the bearings, it's safe the moment

Work is going ok, it's getting a little busier I'm having to decommission Netware servers at an ever increasing rate as they get replaced by Microsoft servers it's keeping me busy so I can't complain :) and they do pretty damn good coffee..... We did have something funny happen the other day, one of the MS migration team rang up and asked if the Netware servers were ok, "yes I said" ...."how long have they been up ?"....he asked...."39 and 311 respectively" I answered ...."is that in minutes ???" ....he asked......"No" I laughed "Days!!!"

obviously being in charge of Microsoft servers you don't get used to them staying up for days !!!

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