Thursday, 31 January 2008

The man flu has left the building :¬)

short lived though it was it did knock me for six, thankfully it's gone now all but the odd sniffle :¬)

I'm booked for vehicular repairs this weekend on the Pug 205, mainly because when I coast the car downhill it actually slows down and the bearings are starting to make tuneful noises at certain speeds, and my amazingly frugal fuel consumption has dropped to 45 mpg which is quite frankly disgusting ;¬)..... I've ruled out the brakes binding, so it only leaves the bearings....I got a quote from a local Pug garage and they wanted more than I paid for the car for the supplying and fitting the front wheel bearings !!! they got an email back asking if they were gold plated wheel bearings at £67 a pop !!!

so I went to a local motor factors in Swansea and picked up all the bits I need for £35, so that's two front wheel bearings, two tie rod ends and a front windscreen washer pump for that price and we have purchased a 2nd hand workshop manual off Ebay due here on Saturday so I have a vague clue as to what I'm doing, I've never done wheel bearings before so it's a new one on me but it doesn't look too difficult..(I can see the experienced mechanics spitting their tea out reading this).....but you forget I have a selection of hammers and other large tools to hit the car with in a Basil Fawlty styleeee.... I'm just glad of the indoor inspection pit, axle stands and trolley jacks, not to mention the largest selection of greases and oils this side of Carmarthen, all at my fingertips, it's ace having a fully kitted out garage, it's not even that draughty if you close the doors :¬)

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