Monday, 9 June 2008

A bar in the bush is worth two in the hand

quick pass me a brown paper bag.....I'm hyperventilating !!!..... no not really, but I'm sick to death of paying out for car repairs recently, I've found the problem with the Terrano's habit of chewing tyres off at an alarming rate, it's called the compression rod which is bolted to the lower link arm and terminates at a set of rubber bushings each side, one side is fine but the other is definitely not right and is too high in the bushes and is causing the caster and camber to be thrown right off.....

anyway I just rang up JJ Motors in Cross hands where I got the car from and they want £160 all in from compression rod to the nut on the end and all bushings to do the job both sides, fine I thought but I can probably get the bits cheaper elsewhere, it's always good to have a reference price.... then I thought.... (ding light bulb moment)

"Ahhhhh Ford brought out the Maverick at the same time which is a Nissan under a Ford badge and mechanically is identical..... they are bound to stock the same parts"

so I rang up the Ford dealer in Carmarthen and without even looking up part numbers or checking stock he came out with from the top of his head wait for it ........£173 for the compression rod alone (same rod £28 in JJ Motors) !!! and when it was all added up it came to a whopping £858 for two iron bars, 4 bushes, 4 dust covers, 4 washers, 2 sleeves and 2 nuts..... talk about profiteering !!! methinks the Ford part will be staying on their shelf for some time to come.....well until some sap parts with his money of course.... :) but it won't be me

I could probably get away with just replacing the one that has failed for now which will halve the cost otherwise the kids are on Jam and bread for the next two months to pay for it... it's that or replace the tyres in two months.......again :(

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