Sunday, 22 June 2008

Our 1st Anniversary.... :)

and how it has flown past this last year :) not sure if that is a good or bad thing, its all been a bit of a blur to be honest, but one year on we are just as happy as we were last year, if not more..... (sick bags third on the left just past the complimentary gallows for the truly sickened...).. anyway enough slush, the only reason I'm updating my blog is because two of my step children and their mother insist on watching Eastenders and I would rather stick pins in my eyeballs than sit and watch that dross.... but each to their own.

The second youngest had his birthday this weekend he got a DS lite from us with a brain training game that comes with it and a Pokemon DS lite game from Andrea's mum and dad, a book on how to play his guitar off his Dad with an Xbox 360 controller, which he was pleased with, and oodles of cash from various members of his extended family (well £30 but more than enough for a 9 year old boy) but above all of that, he finally got his kitten !!!

initially he decided to call it "Cuddles" but after much ridicule from the other family members (he wasn't going to get away with calling a cat "Cuddles" no matter how much he wanted to !!! ) he eventually buckled under the pressure and decided to call it Fifi, I think in honour of one of the Xbox 360 recluses friends (and now ours) Ffion who is coming camping with us to Shell island near Barmouth in August... Andrea and I have been before and we thoroughly enjoyed it, here's hoping the weather holds..... it's going to be quite a gang of us camping there, so many in fact we may well set up a driveway tarmac'ing business complete with transit vans and a clothes peg emporium, notice how I refrained using the word "Pikey" in all of that ;¬) well considering what you can and can't say these days and how many people get into quite frankly ridiculous trouble over piffling statements..... you can never be too careful can you ? ;¬)

Freya now has her two front teeth completely through and let us know all about them by chinking them on my coffee cup this morning in bed.... she really does have one hell of a lot of character in her, always has a smile, very rarely grumpy, and (thankfully) has slept through the night since she was eight weeks old..... not much to complain about really.... she is a star :)

We aren't going out to celebrate our anniversary because finances simply do not allow us, so instead I'm cooking our meal (God help her)... I held up two of the local post offices (it would have been three but I couldn't afford the petrol to drive to the last one ;¬) ) to scrape together enough cash to buy two lovely sirloin steaks.... so hopefully all will be ok after I slap them under the grill and cook them to death.... plus we have enough wine in the house to sink a small lifeboat, so tonight won't be so bad after all :)

Onward and upward :) here's to the second year ..... !!!

ps/ the picture of the kitten isn't ours but they all look the same to me (give me a dog anyday).....sigh

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