Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Day two....

of feeling like my shoulder has been wrenched out of socket by a really hacked off and clumsy grizzly bear... it doesn't seem to be getting much better, it's worse in the morning, eases off through the day then hurts like a bitch at night.... having time off work helps but it also means I can't really get on with much whilst at home .... ah well, lets see how it is tomorrow.

weather wise it's been pouring down here all day practically, we've had the odd clear bit of sky but it doesn't last very long and now it's given up trying to warm up and is blowing a minor gale with stair rods coming down.....I mean what can we expect it's only June ?

I do feel sorry for those fuel protesters down in Pembroke, apparently their numbers have increased and they are being joined by taxi drivers and farmers, they haven't picked very good weather for it, I can't think of anything less interesting than sitting in your cab/car/tractor with the rain drumming down on your roof but I suppose they are at least doing "something" positive however futile it seems

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