Monday, 29 June 2009

I had to call on Herr Heimlich today

(see left) because FOMO boy bit off more than he could chew, namely a sizeable piece of chicken which got thoroughly lodged down his windpipe.... The evening meal started off normally enough, Andrea had come back from her evening run, and the chicken curry was prepared and on the table, and we all started eating..... Then Andrea noticed FOMO boy grasping at his throat... she shouted "HE'S CHOKING!!" ..... I flew across the kitchen and pulled him from his chair got behind him and started the Heimlich manoeuvre on him.... it was well and truly lodged and he had very little air left in his lungs.... it was pretty hard doing this to a 10 year old especially a skinny 10 year old, I knew how hard to do it on an adult, and I know how to treat a baby (yes Freya has choked on several biscuits so far.... it's her trademark party piece )......... but I'd never used it on an older child before.... for all I knew I could have done more damage than good, but not left with many options other than to simply watch him go blue and fall over...... I just ramped up the force of the compressions until out it popped.... I have to say not even I would have attempted swallowing a piece of chicken that big, I was astonished he had even tried !!! ..... (Shudder)

Needless to say he was a very quiet boy for about an hour after that..... I have a feeling his life flashed before his eyes ( be that only Nintendo DSi games and ice poles and Pokemon.....thus far....) ... Although he was under the impression that we could have taken him to hospital and had it removed..... erm no...... unless we could have got him to hospital in under than 3 to 4 minutes..... (rolls eyes)

So other than that bit of drama...... today was pretty unspectacular ..... very very hot, almost too hot to be outside.... I thought about trimming the privet hedge .... but that's as far as it got when I realised that I would have to recover the 25 metre extension cable from the undergrowth as it had last been used at my step daughters birthday party in the garden to power the bish bash box (it's a horse box which the kids use to play in) and hasn't been reeled in since .....

on the veg front the potatoes are coming up nicely, we should have a healthy crop of new potatoes shortly, they are flying out of the ground.... it must be all this brilliant weather we are having recently :)

it's too hot to ride my touring bike through the day at the moment, I'd melt in this heat, but I am getting out on it and enjoy it when I do .... I just wish there weren't so many (big) hills around this place ..... the joys of living in Wales I guess :)

I've got Freya again tomorrow our childminder can't look after her ... not that I mind she is a delight to look after and has me in fits of laughter most of the time....... such a character :)

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