Tuesday, 23 June 2009

It was our second anniversary yesterday :)

And it started off quite bizarrely, in that Andrea had bought me a card and placed it in front of my computer and I had got her a card and put it in the airing cupboard, ( you might ask why the airing cupboard ? well she always turns on the immersion heater first thing in the morning for her shower) she completely missed mine and went to work thinking I had forgotten and I sat down for breakfast thinking she had forgotten until after she left for work..... overall a bit of a damp squib... but a few text messages later we were both laughing..... :) and later on we had a lovely meal for two with only the odd interruption from the toothless FOMO boy

These past two years have gone by very quickly for us and for the most part we've kept our sense of humour and had a laugh along the way, we are incredibly well suited to each other, we understand each other, we've even been known to laugh at each others jokes, and we have the most ridiculous conversations from time to time in an attempt to outdo each other in randomness.......and my sleep talking never fails to amuse my wife.... "revolting rotating raspberries" say no more eh ?

It goes without saying that we have also produced a complete nutter and utter darling of a daughter together, who never fails to make us laugh and is so funny, she rarely cries, and has got to the stage of complete gobbledegook speech with the odd word which can be understood thrown in for good measure...... she's trying so hard to talk bless her little cotton socks.... it will come eventually and we'll be telling her to shut up ..... you watch ;¬)

FOMO boy had two adult teeth taken out yesterday, apparently they just crumbled down to his gum margin, apparently it's nothing to do with sugar or sweets or bad dental hygiene....... the dentist said that he very probably had an infection when the teeth were being formed in the gum and they came out with the consistency of dry chalk except weaker...... Anyway he is off school today because of the general he had yesterday, he's no bother really, although I will probably have to threaten him with surgical removal of his Nintendo DSi if he doesn't get dressed before 11am, life is so hard for 10 year olds these days ;¬)

The other two are doing ok, nothing much to report on the two teenagers really, they get on with things, the only things that seem to bother them are lack of broadband and/or lack of lifts into town or if they have signal on their mobiles..... that about covers teenage life these days....

Oh and I've discovered that I can copy recorded TV programmes from our DVR (digital video recorder) I discovered it by accident when I was flicking through the setup, all you do is plug in a FAT32 formatted USB memory stick and dump the raw Mpeg video to it then you can use a free program called any-video-converter and that converts to and from practically any video format you could want, then you can compress it, re-encode it, or edit it, then you simply either burn to DVD or CD or Ipod and you're away !!! it's probably completely illegal but I'm not exactly distributing millions of copies on the web, I'm purely using it to put on the Ipod or to keep a copy of something particularly good, I suppose in reality it's no worse than keeping it actually on the DVR, but considering you aren't allowed to copy a music CD or transfer it to an IPod without the express permission of the copyright holder, I've probably offended somebody.... or maybe not, who knows ?

I was going to go out on a bike ride today but I can't really leave a 10 year old doing a "home alone" by himself, and he isn't up to being let loose on the roads on his bike yet, he tends to panic when stationery or moving objects such as walls and anything else in front of him looms up..... the last thing he tends to use are his brakes, he's at the cycling proficiency of a chimpanzee at the moment, legs down first.......... "ohhh that didn't wor.....CRASH !!".... oops ..... we've actually got a sweepstake running that he'll break either his leg or one of his arms within two months.... we shall see.....

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