Thursday, 25 June 2009

Woohoooooo & Ouch

We have broadband again !!! well as much broadband as you can expect living out in the sticks like we do.... but far better than the 29kbit/sec we were getting... we are at a full 1.4 Mbits now :) the BRAS profile has finally woken up and remembered what it's purpose in life is......

So it looks like Xbox-boy can have his internet turned back on, which will please him, his life will no longer be over :) all told it only took about eleven calls to BT to sort it out.... that is providing they have sorted it out, because it's done this before, lulled us into a false sense of security then when we were least expecting it slips back down to semaphore speeds...

Andrea is off work today, she had a really bad night with acid indigestion or at least that is what we think it is, it started after she went out on her run last night, I followed her on my touring bike but soon after finishing her run, she was complaining of pretty bad stomach pain, we both dismissed it, but apparently she had an awful night...... needless to say she's currently ensconced on the sofa with a duvet over her....and she has so far had two cups of tea made for her and they have both gone cold..... She must be ill because

A) she never takes time off work unless its really serious like a limb mutilation or beheading....
B) She never lets a cup of tea go cold.... knowingly

I'm not saying she has a strong work ethic or anything, but sometimes she soldiers on more than is productive or in some cases healthy

I'll keep checking on her, I've offered her Rennie on toast already.... she even turned her nose up at that :(

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