Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I wanna be like you hoo hoo

Well it's happened, my sister is now Baloo at her local cub and scout centre/thingamy .... it's official even her sons have to call her "Baloo" not mum whilst there.... To be honest I can't see how she has the patience to herd a gaggle of boys (or is it boys and girls these days ? I know not) ..... and I was itching to ask if she had to wear a fur costume and who clips her claws ??? so many questions..........

I was kidnapped by my parents today to sort out their Skype to talk to my cousin in Australia whom they are going to visit fairly soon.... to be honest it will be a fantastic holiday for them, although it's a long flight with a short stop off at Singapore.... I think the last time my mother actually flew in an aeroplane they had to have a bloke stand at the front to flick the propeller around shouting "CONTACT!!! TALLY HO!!!"

I'm sure they will have a blast once out there and it's very kind of Sue to put them up and show them the sights and sounds of Australia, they have sorted out their passports so it's just a matter of waiting now, the flights are booked even !!

anyway I must shoot off to do my house husbandry bit, now where did I leave my pinny !!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah right....ha ha . it is mixed boys and girls. I have a uniform and it's NOT fur. My claws are not visible so I don't frighten the Cubs, just one question, when did you take my photo you really did capture my best side, Thank you
We are off to camp at Pembrey for a couple of nights at the beginning of school holls, DYB DYB