Friday, 26 June 2009

It must be Autumn in America

Because a lot of big names are dropping like leaves on a windy day, I heard this morning that Michael Jackson has died at the age of just fifty. The rumours are already flying about about how he met his death, and of course Farrah Fawcett who died yesterday after a long battle with cancer....

I was never really a fan of Michael Jackson, I liked some of his music, I even bought one of his albums "Thriller" back in the 1980's (who didn't I ask ???) and I have a vague memory of buying the "Off the wall" album but on cassette (yes they sold albums on cassette in those days as well) .... There is no doubt about it the man had talent or he wouldn't have got to where he was in those days.... but it saddened me to hear reports of how messed up he was, as to the truth who knows ? He certainly changed his skin colour and had massive facial cosmetic surgery.. but what makes a person want to change themselves so much and so radically ??? As for the accusations that he was a paedophile... a Jury found him innocent, it doesn't mean he wasn't and it doesn't mean he was...... Juries have been wrong in the past.....did he ? didn't he ? who knows ? if he didn't then that is one hell of a millstone to carry around your neck 24/7

I think only he and possibly his closest friends will ever know that, if he ever confided in them.....He was never really allowed to live a normal life from the age of eleven so it's hardly surprising he turned out the way he did, in much the same way Judy Garland and all the other child stars that went off the rails in later life..............

I'm just waiting now for the media frenzy and all the speculation, and no doubt the scores of people selling stories off the back of his tragic death. This world is a sick place ruled by the power of the fast buck in the back burner, I'm surprised they don't have him pickled and stuffed and posed in one of his iconic poses then wheeled around the world like the modern day Tutankhamen.

One thing for certain his record sales will go stratospheric, the executives who last signed him must be rubbing their hands with glee over this news.... They couldn't let him live in peace and now they can't let him die in peace

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