Saturday, 4 July 2009

Gobsmacked !!

About a month ago I installed a web tracking gadget on my blog because I was starting to wonder if I was just talking to myself, nothing new about that little gem ..... but anyway it's first reports came back and I was astonished to find out that my blog is read quite widely, if you look at the map above each orange dot is at least 20 - 30 visits and most of them are multiple reads over a period of days.... Overall in the past three weeks I've had well over 900 hits with thousands of page views..... it's a pretty comprehensive report and you can drill down and find out what people are reading and how long they read a page, and even where they come from.... "I know who you are !!!" and of course the operating system you are running, what resolution your screen is set to and of course your host name, the level of detail is quite frightening, it stops short of reading your bank statements or cloning your credit card however.

I have to say when I installed this I was simply expecting X amount of people read this page for X minutes.... it goes so much further than that. it even tells me how long a particular person read a page for .... AMAZING !! ..... I was even quite chuffed to find out that one of my daughters is reading my blog :) :) ... (that's it now.... she will never darken my blogs pages ever again.... up to her but she is most welcome to read)

The code involved is a very short piece of java script embedded in my blog, but it just goes to show how when you think you are surfing the web anonymously that your every move could be tracked, I'm pretty surprised and shocked at how many people actually read my blog, to be honest I was expecting maybe 40 or 50 people tops.... but I'm truly gobsmacked at the numbers.... OK we aren't talking thousands here but even so :)

Anyway whoever you are thank you for wasting your time and in such a manner :)

Oh in case you're interested the code is from Google Analytics all perfectly legal, and not some hackers code I've found on the Undernet .... :)

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