Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Home alone....

Well nearly..... I'm tasked with the supervision of my grumpy step daughter (who isn't going to Cardiff on the train) and two younger sproglets, whilst my other half waltzes off to Cardiff with Freya and her friend Niki and their daughter to get fitted for a pair of running shoes !!! No doubt there will be a lot of window shopping and coffee shop stops and possibly a sticky bun or two ....although Andrea doesn't actually drink coffee...loves the smell of it but can't stomach it at all.... no doubt she'll make up for it with the sticky buns..... and then punish herself with a 6 mile run when she comes back "to break her shoes in".... (Just call me Nostradamus... yes that's him above apparently)

Gone are the days you went into a shoe shop and tried on pairs of shoes/trainers until you found the ones that fitted you.... no not these days..... you get assessed by a professional and they find out if you pronate or donate whatever-nate.... and then they find the "perfect" running shoe for you... I don't begrudge her though, she really enjoys her running and she does need the tools for the London Marathon, can't exactly have her running in a pair of £20 Nike's can we ? Besides she is toning up nicely which she is pleased about.... and I'm not complaining about it either :)

The only other thing of note was that our broadband nosedived last night (again)... I haven't bothered writing about it on here much because it's all been done, suffice to say I'm getting to the end of my tether over all of this, I sent off the usual complaint and contacted the Chairman's office (whatever that place is) and sent a rocket up them....and they confirmed that we have a fault....(no sh!t.... sherlock!!!) it's not on really, forking out for a service you don't actually get, it's been two months now of ON....OFF......ON.....OFF service.... I mean you wouldn't pay for water at a pub if you ordered beer... now would you ??? so why exactly am I paying for broadband when I'm not actually getting anything like it ?? go figure... The bad news is we are tied to the BT wholesale package because the exchange we are in hasn't been unbundled .... brilliant !

We also will now have to endure the "I'm bored" chorus which accompanies every school summer holiday, no doubt that will start soon .... and yes it's only the first week.... I'm beginning to think that the kids expect us to don our clown outfits and keep them endlessly entertained with the likes of sword swallowing and balloon animals.... Well it isn't going to happen, we've made a pact not to respond to "I'm bored" exclaimations..... we will standardise our reply to "Really ? ... that's interesting...anyway, as I was saying"

onward and upward !!

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