Sunday, 26 July 2009

So proud :)

Andrea has just finished the Tenby 10k race in just over 1 hour !! I did question her mental health though because the forecast was for torrential downpours.... and for once the forecast was right, she got absolutely soaked but seemed full of beans and vitality when she rang me jubilantly after she had finished :) Well I guess that's what having a cold shower for over an hour does for you .... (click on the picture to see the route ....)

Her training is coming along nicely, I'm so proud of her commitment over this running business because I thought it would be a flash in the pan ... but it's been quite a few months now and she is going from strength to strength :)

Nothing really exciting happening with me, in fact the most exciting thing of late was having to rebuild the kids computer, it has/had four profiles on it and I've kept it limping along for months swatting the virus payload off it and the mountains of spyware it seems to collect.. they all cry "It wasn't me that downloaded it" ... Yeah right, that's why it's in your profile and nobody else's I guess ???

Anyway it died peacefully in it's sleep a few days back, refusing to boot just repeating itself on power on self test, so out came the spanners and screwdrivers, it's now flying with a fresh install of Windows XP but they have lost all their profiles... I did warn them... but who listens to the voice of reason ??? which is exactly why NOBODY is allowed on my computer except Andrea and myself :)

I've set policies on the kids computer now, it's going to be hard to download anything without an administrator (Moi :) ) ok'ing it .... tough... I really enjoy spending days trying to recover data for no pay !!! Anyway the PC is flying now, as XP does when it's first installed and then slowly grinds to a juddering halt after a few months of use ... roll on when Linux takes over the world ... I'll be a happier man :)

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