Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Cute fwuffy (but dead) squirrels

Or one at least that I had to put out of it's misery, it had obviously been smacked by a car which passes our quiet country lane of a road and it ran into our yard for sanctuary, by the looks of it it had been smacked pretty hard and was screaming in agony.... I've never heard a Squirrel scream before and to be frank I don't want to hear another one scream either... it's the most piercing cry.... it was running around in circles with it's front paws and it's back legs were just dragging quite obviously deeply distressed and badly injured... I left it for a while thinking maybe it's just had the stuffing knocked out of it, I thought it may recover but then it promptly lay down still screaming in agony... so I did the only thing I could in that situation and put it out of it's misery with my air rifle... I was quite glad when the screaming had stopped to be honest....he/she was almost certainly going to die but I didn't see the point in letting it suffer unnecessarily ....on inspection of its body it looked like it's back had been broken by the impact of the car..... poor thing....I know some of you are going to say Grey Squirrels are simply pests, but to be honest it's been quite funny watching him steal all the hazelnuts in the hedgerows around our house and bounding across the lawn(s).... ahh well I'm sure another one will muscle in on the territory around here there are rich pickings on the hazelnut front.... lets hope the next one has more road sense ??? 

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