Friday, 9 October 2009

Feathered Dinosaurs.....

It seems in China they have unearthed a series of fossils which date further back than "Archaeopteryx" and clearly shows well formed feathers that dates back 150 million years, which is a good 10 million years before old Archi arrived on the scene. This of course upsets the apple cart on the tree of life where palaeontologists thought that Archaeopteryx was the earliest reptile with feathers..... I have no doubt that feathers arrived earlier than this latest fluffy dinosaur, but because creating a fossil takes specific things to happen for an animal to be preserved in this way it ie/ tripping over in a shallow river bed after eating too many fermenting fruits then banging their heads and consequently drowning in the shallow water and being covered with sediment... ;¬) it may be a long time before we unearth an older example.... but this has happened before where markers have been moved backwards and forwards.....when something new has been discovered...... it's not inconceivable that some of the larger carnivorous dinosaurs produced cute fluffy chicks... only later turning into massive meat grinders ;¬)

Personally I'm waiting for the God killer fossil(s) something which turns Christianity on it's head and effectively re-writes creation as nothing more than a man made story.... for that I'll buy pop corn and sit and watch the fireworks from afar ;¬)

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