Saturday, 31 October 2009

We're back from our mini break in Pembrokeshire :)

Ok it's not Tuscany, but I hear Tuscany has really gone downhill recently, they are getting the wrong sort going there on holiday apparently ..... However ..... :) .....Pembrokeshire, I would recommend.... we had a blast..... literally.... but what can you expect when you go at the end of October on the very tip of West Wales ? with a nice bracing breeze off the 51st parallel ;¬)

It wasn't too bad actually the first day was pretty warm at least 17C..... so we went visiting Little Haven first .... which I recommend it's a truly beautiful seaside town, very reminiscent of a Cornwall village...but be warned it seems to have more pubs than houses !!! ;¬)  then onto and past Newgale beach which is lovely in it's desolation and finally we arrived at  St David's Cathedral, on the way back I even drove past my old regiment in Brawdy.... unfortunately both Andrea and I forgot to take the camera with us, so all we have are memories and they are pretty damn hard to post on a blog... so you'll just have to take my word for it, that it was a lovely day out... we settled down for the night, Freya dropped off to sleep rather quickly and we marinated ourselves in two rather nice bottles of Rioja :) .....

The next day we decided on either Manor Park which is the place Anna Ryder Richardson of "Changing Rooms" fame has set up in Pembrokeshire OR Milford Haven itself.... After much holding up of fingers to the icy and wet blast from the Atlantic ......the rain decided on Milford Haven, and Freya had a great time looking at the baby seals in the seal hospital right on the quay side there. They basically run the whole place on charity donations, and rescue seals which have been separated from their mothers in the rough weather... they had six in when we visited and were expecting more after this weekend of rough weather.....we topped off the day with some bowling, because the weather really wasn't up there with dragging a two year old around... we eventually called it a day and GPS'd our way back to where we were staying along the high hedged roads of Pembrokeshire :)

Over all it was a very relaxing couple of days, and was a nice change to get away from the daily grind
we will definitely be going again .... well why not... it's on our doorstep.....literally :)

The only other thing of note is that our Toshiba DVD Divx player bit the dust whilst we were on our break.... I opened it up and wondered why they used such a big box for so little  and sparse electronics... a spring has fallen out of the read head return pressure sensor... effectively it's lost the ability to know where it is on the DVD... which is pretty bad news for a DVD player.... so it just mashes it's read head against the return bar and flashes it's laser ineffectually at a blank piece of DVD real estate......but fair do's  it's played about 10 disc's all told .... you begin to wonder just how long they want them to last .... they'll be giving DVD players away with the films you buy next... talk about shoddy electronics... my wristwatch has more electronics packed in it than that Toshiba... "Oiiii Tosh Gotta Toshiba."... erm no I was silly enough to use it more than 10 times !!!!

Oh and we came back to a house which was intact and not in smouldering ashes... so I guess the Xbox-boy did good eh ?

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