Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Duran Duran & Weston Super Mare

Well half of the kids have been shipped off to darkest Devon to stay with their Dad, but you know it's not going to go smoothly when the first thing that happened was when "Duran Duran" decided to cough and die with a flooded engine.... it does this every now and again, because I suspect the fuel pump gets a bit enthusiastic at times and gives a whole weeks worth of petrol into the engine in one go....the rest of the time it doesn't give enough... but hey ho... you can't have it both ways can you ?

Anyway to cut a very long story short I eventually breathed life into it's pistons and off Andrea went into the Welsh moistness that is October... no sooner had I got in than the phone rang and it was Andrea's ex husband ringing to say his car (unknown 80's group) had coughed and died just outside Weston Super Mare and that he was ringing the AA to get them to fix it.... obviously he doesn't have the same sized hammer that I do ;¬)

anyway I can just imagine Andrea's visage when her ex rings with the glorious news.... ooops

I feel this is going to put off our mini break in Pembrokeshire .. but we'll get there at some point of that I'm sure.... the only worrying thing is the Xbox boy .... just a couple of points really......

A) he's staying at home
B) he has to get himself up for work every morning
C) he has to get himself up for work every morning
D) he has to get himself up for work every morning
E) his girlfriend is staying over

somewhere in that mix is a disaster waiting to happen.... but he's nearly 18 it's about time he took a bit of responsibility on his shoulders ... it's just a case of lighting the blue touch paper and seeing if he fizzles like an out of date firework.... or lights up the sky with surprises....(I'll get the sandbag.....)


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