Monday, 12 October 2009

Dying laptops and being a marathon runners widow

Well my ex girlfriend dropped by with her sorry drunken laptop.... it's sitting next to me now in a cardboard box ........£600 of laptop wiped out with one glass of wine !! ... I tried to recover the data off the hard drive but Cara-Lyn had done a sterling job in destroying it... Anyway she invested in a new laptop a very nice HP/Compaq wide screen laptop the only down side was that it came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium.... I personally have never liked Vista in any shape or form, it's clunky and too dependant on flashy looking graphics with it's GUI which makes it sluggish to respond in comparison to my preferred Operating systems such as Linux and yes even Windows XP... She left almost happy .... at least she had a working laptop .... but sent me an email the other day saying her new laptop had killed itself .... yes her new laptop died a death also, the hard drive died on her.... she took it back to PC-World and they fixed it by giving her a new one...(you've got to laugh)..... mind you 65% of all computer failures happen within the first week.... so no surprises there....

Andrea is busily preparing for the Cardiff half marathon next weekend, she is running it with her friend Niki, they've booked a hotel in Cardiff because driving down there, finding a parking space.... then going on the half marathon would just be too much hassle.... I don't blame her actually, I'd probably do the same.....She's hoping for a sub 2 hour half marathon.... I've a sneaking suspicion she will do it at least 10 minutes under a 2 hour marathon.... but we shall see :)

She is also trying to raise money for her pledge amount towards Asthma UK all tied in with her running the London Virgin Marathon ......she got up at 6am this weekend to do a car boot sale with all proceeds to go towards Asthma UK, she raised a grand total of £28 !! so if any of you people who read my blog feel like supporting something worthwhile go here and drop some cash in the collecting tin :)

I don't think there are any online donations as of yet because the website hasn't been up that long, but it will certainly raise a smile if somebody does sponsor her, and it will make all the hard work and dedication she has been putting in over the months feel all the more satisfying... :)

I'm really proud of Andrea... does it show ? ;¬)

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