Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Only four days left !!!

Until British Summer Time officially ends !! mind you with the rate the leaves are dropping off the trees around these parts it ended weeks ago. It's not been a very spectacular summer, we could count on one hand the days in which we had unbroken sunshine.... Global warming it isn't, Global dampening more like... I've read with interest the articles about global warming and how we are entering the beginning of the end and the next stage is the "tipping point" after which there is no going back. I had to laugh at the drowning puppies advert the government placed where a father is reading a CO2 story to his daughter while she is all snuggled up in bed, you can imagine all the 5 and 6 year old's turning lights off to "stop the puppies drowning".... but I guess I wasn't the demographic they were aiming the advert at.... They may as well have said "all the sweet shops will have to close down because they will be underwater" that probably would have hit home harder.... it's a confusing time for kids, they are getting bombarded with "eco issues" what with recycling and CO2 emissions and retreating ice caps.... and although I'm not against cutting back on what we as a nation and species squander in the form of energy, the whole thing seems a little desperate.... The thing is for every eco climate scientist there is another one saying the precise opposite... I've got to be honest here my personal opinion is that yes humans have polluted the planet, but I think it would be very big headed of us to think that because of our industrious nature we're on the verge of collapsing mother Earth's fragile weather systems. There have been far more cataclysmic events in Earth's history which have released phenomenal amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere and oh look ... we are still here.....

The scientists are looking at very recent data such as retreating ice caps, and CO2 concentrations but historical data shows that retreating ice caps are nothing new, and high CO2 concentrations are nothing new either...

But back to the ice caps, historically every 70 or 80 years they retreat then start to come back, it's on the record in black and white on ship's logs taken from Whaling ships and other ocean going vessels ......granted one of the major impacts of this cycle, would be if the Ocean Conveyor current switched off but the Ocean Conveyor has stopped flowing in the past - 8,200 years ago and 12,700 years ago - in an event associated with the start of an ice age. (yes our planet has had ice ages before !!! it's true...) 

but lets explode the "if the polar ice caps melt we'll all drown" myth .....melting sea ice will not have an impact on sea levels as it already displaces its own weight in water, you can test that theory yourself by filling up a glass with ice cubes and pouring hot water on them to a fixed level... come back 20 minutes later and low and behold the ice has melted but the water level hasn't changed ...... but why pay attention to hard provable science, when the world is running around like chickens with their heads cut off saying when the ice caps melt we'll drown all the puppies.... I think not

(ice melting from land masses will effect sea levels, but the major ice sheets which  are already in the sea won't... just to clarify ;¬) )

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