Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Well the general election is looming on the 6th May.... and the political parties are all jostling for the best sound bite or tax break giveaway.... I had to laugh at Nick Griffin doing a walkabout he had a small army encircling him including a soldier... I'm sure his commanding officer will be having a word with him about wearing uniform for a political event... As Queens Regulations states and I quote (you can even get into trouble for quoting Queens Regulations...)

"Carnival processions and other occasions when the reputation or political impartiality of the Armed Forces might be brought into question (e.g. political meetings). "

It is strictly forbidden to show support for any party whilst in uniform.... sure you can have your hand shaken by a politician but you don't walk around as his minder.... I've a feeling he will on a charge when he gets back to his unit....Unless of course it's the Queens Own Racist and Blanket Stacking Brigade in which case he'll be hailed as a hero and probably promoted....

It makes me sick to the stomach all this political posturing and bad mouthing of each others policies ..... it doesn't matter who gets in they will all make a complete pigs ear of the UK's economy anyway......Politicians over the past few years have shown themselves to be even less trustworthy than estate agents and about as pleasant as a skunks bum hole... They all use carrot on a stick statements it's like voting for a line of crack addicts while you have 1/2 lb of crack in your hand.... They'll say ANYTHING to get your vote, then completely go back on their promises once you've handed it over..

They are all clowns.....

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