Sunday, 25 April 2010

They think it's all over....

It is now !! Andrea has just completed the 2010 London Marathon
START TIME 09:59:53
5K 00:37:52
10K 01:10:31
15K 01:44:17
20K 02:19:52
HALF 02:27:51
25K 02:57:51
30K 03:45:03
35K 04:23:39
40K 05:02:23
Finish time 05:18:12

Really really proud of her :)

I've just come off the phone to her and she said it was impossible to run at the pace she wanted to because there were so many people and if you wanted to run at a faster pace you were constantly side stepping and avoiding people....bit like running in a pack..... with 36,000 other runners that makes sense.... but she said that she wasn't cream crackered at the end of it and felt great and definitely didn't hit any wall... so by the sounds of it she wasn't running at full tilt... but she shaved well over an hour and forty minutes off her personal best of her last Marathon

Her dad Roger did brilliantly coming 13th in his category with the following times

START TIME 09:46:03
5K 00:25:12
10K 00:50:33
15K 01:16:58
20K 01:43:56
HALF 01:49:45
25K 02:12:34
30K 02:46:38
35K 03:21:32
40K 03:55:08
place (total) 13438
place (gender) 10809
place (cat) 13
finish time 04:10:00

Well done Roger !!! he came 10,809th out of all the men and he is in the 70+ age category

And Nicola Quinn's time was brilliant as well

START TIME 09:48:39
5K 00:26:51
10K 00:54:16
15K 01:22:57
20K 01:51:48
HALF 01:58:05
25K 02:21:55
30K 02:55:33
35K 03:28:23
40K 04:02:19
place (total) 14657
place (gender) 2967
place (cat) 525
finish time 04:14:38

bit of a messy blog post... but it gets the results up there :) Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

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