Friday, 30 April 2010

How to complain and win

I really should set up a website to advise people how to complain successfully... I've just got BT to waive their early termination fee for us terminating our contract early. It wasn't a huge amount of money at £44 but it was the principle considering I had been advised by a BT employee who was waving the "we can do it cheaper for 12 months" carrot on the phone... I specifically asked her "are we still in contract?" to which she replied "no, you are free to leave BT any time with no charge"....

So I did and signed up for Post Office broadband which is "considerably" cheaper

Needless to say I launched myself into a low orbit when they sent me an email stating that they were sorry to hear I was leaving BT but did I realise that they would have to charge me £44 for the privilege because of early termination.

So I officially complained and got back an email stating that there was nothing they could do their hands were tied and it was because I had terminated early that they were levying the charge... So I reloaded and fired off a carefully worded email in which I metaphorically dropped a tactical nuclear device in their laps which of course was ticking loudly...outlining their appalling service and giving dates for every visit and names of every person I had ever spoken to in BT.... the list was long and meticulous.

a day later I received an email stating they were very sorry and all charges were being waived as a gesture of goodwill..... re.....sult !!!

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