Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A convenient lie or an inconvenient truth ?

I've just been reading "the register" which casts a withering eyeball at various things in the world, the latest being that the global warming (bandwagon/cash cow) crisis has not, as promised warmed the planet because of C02, in fact since 1997 there has been no noticeable warming of the planet during that time, and because of the "el nina" effect the planet has actually cooled slightly

couple that with an equally contradictory report on the HM-Treasury website

it makes you wonder who you should believe, on the one hand you have the rabid eco-warriors and scientists on the gravy train who predict doom and gloom, and on the other you have the scientists who say this is a perfectly natural variance in sunspot activity.....

personally I tend not to believe computer modelling on climate change, it is after all fed data by humans, created by humans, and then makes assumptions based on human programming, it is after all a simulation, and a simulation based on very shaky and limited data

the earth has suffered far more cataclysmic disasters way above any scale humans could inflict upon it and it has survived for billions of years, man's appearance on earth is just a few seconds in time, and our industrial revolution a few nanoseconds of those few seconds, I think it is foolish to believe that man is so important to the earth's ecology to radically effect it's climate...

we do however seem to have a knack of destroying our environment, corals dying, rainforests destroyed, we certainly don't help our case

I do think that we have had "some" impact on climate, but to blame man for the melting ice caps is pure lunacy, simply because the ice caps have been advancing and retreating for millennia way before man set foot on this planet in his present form, and yes some parts of the ice caps are melting, but others are getting bigger, this world has been balancing itself for billions of years.... I think it has the hang of it by now

Anyway the report on the HM Treasury website makes interesting reading, there they are taxing us to death to "supposedly" make us greener..... and they produce a report which says they are wrong !!! since when did charging people money clean up anything ? especially when they don't ring fence the money for green issues they simply prop up a welfare system or syphon it off to finance an ailing building society which laughably called itself "Northern Rock" I personally would applaud it's corporate identity being changed to "Northern Sponge"

This country is heading for the bumpers, especially since I saw Diesel for sale at £1.21 a litre this morning, they think up new taxes it seems at the drop of a hat, abolish tax breaks for the less well off.... the love of money is the root of all evil it is said.... and if there is a problem throw some at it, or better still employ some completely useless highly paid stuffed shirts to form a committee, waste some time ..... ohhh lets say lets spend a few years on the gravy train .... then throw some money at it.... wait a few years.... ooops that didn't work lets have an enquiry ... can we have some more stuffed shirts please.... preferably without too much gravy on them ?

and don't get me started on Politicians and their expense claims.... I think we should tax them on oxygen usage, because they waste so much of it !!! and whoever elected Gordon Brown to be Prime minister should be run over by a bio diesel powered bus.... oooops sorry I forgot nobody elected him did they, we seem to have inherited him by default.....get out !!! .......... NEXT !!!!

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