Sunday, 6 April 2008

let it snow, let it snow .....let it snow :¬)

We woke up this morning to a minuscule covering of snow, it melted quickly once the sun came up ....unfortunately but was nice seeing it as we really haven't had any this/last year..... it's bright sunshine now, with the odd flurry of snow, apparently it's going to hit us again at 10pm tonight, but who knows :)

and I know I said I wouldn't mention my grease monkeying again, but today I've been out in the workshop underneath the Pug (again) changing both of the lower suspension wishbone arm / ball joints... because you can't buy a ball joint you have to buy the whole assembly :¬( unfortunately ... but it only took me a few hours today I had to abort doing it last night because I lost all strength in my arms wrenching and hammering the left hand side one out whilst I was upside down under the car, thankfully the right hand side one came out textbook and the new one put in with no trouble at all.... :¬)

and still only £23 each, would have cost me a fortune at the garage.... and it's cured the wobble at 70mph and the steering is a lot more positive now, plus it might have been an MOT failure which is due soon, so best to do it now rather than wait for a failure.... the car is fine now, hopefully that's it.....famous last words....

The only other thing of note is that Freya is still coughing like a demon, the only way I can describe it is you know those small bears you turn upside down and they make a sort of growling sound as you put them the right way up, well that's not far off it, although her nose has started to stream now.... so hopefully it's starting to clear...fingers crossed :)

The littlest lad is itching to get out fishing again since we went to Lidl and bought a fishing tackle box completely stocked (2 actually, one for me one for him) with all sorts of gear, it was only £9.99 but I estimated the amount of fishing tackle they put in it, if we had bought it at the local fishing shop it would have been up in the low £80's maybe more, considering the paternosters and the amount of lead shot with hooks would have cost £9.99 and the box has 10 times that amount, it even has night fishing glow sticks to attract the fish, I think he has visions of emptying our river of trout over the next few weeks..... we shall see.... I think his beginners luck will run out this season but hopefully not to the extent that he loses interest

and now I'm off to soak my bones in a nice hot bath..... because I smell like an oily rag toasting in front of a warm fire....

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