Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Normality returns

Freya is out of hospital now, she was let out this afternoon she isn't much better wheezing wise and the bronchial dilators have been stopped because they were doing bugger all for her, and possibly just making her worse.... lovely to have them both back, staying in hospital is not the best of past times, but the children's ward in Glangwili is brilliant and the staff fantastic :).....

So back to work tomorrow, after my two day break, I'm not sure if I prefer working in IT or looking after kids, computers are far simpler to cope with and less demanding, that's for sure...

and I've just found out a random fact, your 1lb jar of honey you buy in the supermarket is equivalent to 55,000 miles flown by bees (well it would hardly be caribou honey, if you think about it !!) or basically twice around the world... who would have thought ? that will be filed away now, and brought out during a stilted conversation in some pub in the future ;¬)

The only other news is of my ex girlfriend, (we are still in contact and get on as friends very well) has finally been accepted for training as a paramedic, she is already a trainer for mountain first aid courses, but she forgot about the actual driving of the ambulance, and considering she has never driven anything bigger than a car, and is quite possibly the worst parallel parker on the planet, she is probably going to cause more damage to parked vehicles getting to the scene of the accident...... I hope the local NHS is heavily insured ;¬)

seriously though she will make an excellent paramedic and I wish her well in following her dream :¬) just don't park your car anywhere near any ambulance stations in Coventry on Saturday ;¬)

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