Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The dangers of different wine....

Now I can drink Rioja till the cows come home and have no ill effects the next morning, you usually pay more for it but it's worth it.....Anyway last two times we indulged in some different wine.... I reserve saying it was good because although it went down without wincing as you do with some wines, which would be better off sprinkling on your chips, this one had an awful effect on your brain the next morning, I mean you wouldn't really expect to have a hangover after a few glasses of wine would you ?

Well this stuff must have been fortified with brake fluid, we both woke up with banging headaches, and it's not as if it was cheap either, but we shall be staying away from South African "Namuqua" <--- possibly spelt wrong.... because it costs more in paracetamol than it's worth, anyway we confirmed it the other night when the wine box was finished off...we shall not be going there again

My step daughters birthday present has been reserved, I say reserved because it's not actually released until June 2008, it's a new laptop...(-ish), but not in the conventional sense, there is no way we could afford to blow £300+ on a proper one for anybody, myself included..... and I'm having a new one before ANYBODY else does....it's a linux powered flash memory Bluetooth with Wifi connectivity PDA/Tablet/notebook thingy, it has everything on it she uses currently including MSN and internet connectivity with browser and flash plugins for the dubious "YouTube" plus she will be able to connect her Viewty phone to it via Bluetooth.... but probably the best thing of all things for her ...IT'S PINK !!! I can write about it on here because we consulted her before committing to getting one, apparently they will be all the rage, and only 200,000 are being made for distribution worldwide, so they have a "bit" of exclusivity about them.

It's called the Elonex One...It has an amazing 4 hours battery life, and is practically indestructible, which is always a good thing where my step daughter is concerned (aka .."what did your last electronic gizmo die of ?" ) plus I won't ever have to "repair" it once she has fiddled/hit/dropped/thrown it...and like all things linux... It just works, plus it will stop her from asking to ab"use" the real laptop which is too heavy to throw, but has been dropped once.... ;¬).... or in our house "what don't you understand about NO ! the N or the O ?"....."but pleaseeeeeeeeee" ....."NO !!" ..... ad nauseum ;¬)

I think Freya is starting to come out of the woods with this wheezing, although she will probably prove me wrong once I get home tonight, she woke us both up this morning at 4am ish "ahhhhhhh'ing" and "cooing" and "gurgling" in her cot until one of us got her out, but it's hard to be annoyed with her when she flashes a big beaming smile at you :).... even if it is 4am and you feel like death warmed up....which I did after being thrown all over the mats last night at Aikido

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