Monday, 21 April 2008

What a brilliant weekend !!

I was faced with the choice of being over run by 10 teenage girls as it was my step daughters belated birthday party this weekend or a trip up to see my friends up in North Wales....

Needless to say no sooner had Andrea said "you could go visit Chris & Donna" I was speed dialling Chris and arranging my weekend pass, I left at around 6:30pm on Friday night and was up there by 10pm ish, it was a hellish drive up there, I think the local farmers had a relay set up and were throwing tractors in front of me....

"damn he got past !!! quick throw another two in front of him AND a combine harvester !!!"

Anyway I got up there (eventually) said my hellos after getting mobbed by the kids, thankfully the youngest lad who calls me Uncle Duhweck is now above groin height, so his kinetic energy and inertia of the impact is absorbed above the belt not below as was usually the case.....anyway shortly afterwards I turned in......

Next day I had a bit of time to kill because Chris was at work, so played the kids and Donna on the Wii, I thrashed Donna on the shooting, but that was easy because she has the reactions of a slug on valium....but it was a different matter when her daughter challenged me to boxing, I got knocked out that many times I could tell you what pattern the canvas was in exacting detail ..... kids eh ?

so about 3pm I set off to visit the old haunts, I dropped in on Euros and Catrins place, well I say place, it's actually called Lleweni Hall, they have opened up a farm shop and I've got to be honest they have done a brilliant job of it, and Catrin makes a mean cup of coffee on their single phase Italian coffee machine.... the place has been transformed from when I was first introduced to the place... good on them :) they seem to be getting bookings and apparently I hear next year the British Antarctic survey team have booked the hall for winter survival training, which is far cheaper than actually sending the team to the Antarctic and of course considerably colder ;¬) you honestly couldn't meet a nicer couple of people than Euros and Catrin, despite the fact that they have lost almost all of their extremities to frostbite over the years ;¬)

Joking aside, it was lovely seeing them both again neither of them have changed that much Euros still dry as a bone, and Catrin well she is just far too lovely for Euros ;¬)

We arranged to meet up that night with Chris and had a lovely meal at a pub (Catrin sensibly decided to stay away, not that she has EVER been the nominated driver of a bunch of drunken idiots before....) which meant the beer had to be restricted as we were all driving (well two of us anyway Chris rarely drives these days ;¬) ) but even so we had a laugh, even if I did have to jab Chris in the ribs a few times as he had already upset the barmaid... mind you she was a shining example of how not to treat customers and had a jib on her like the back end of a sow ;¬)

it was really nice seeing everybody again.... alas Geraint wasn't there, but he is currently arguing the benefits of rule under Margaret Thatcher to the unwashed hordes in Edinburgh.... it's unlikely we will ever see him again (alive)..... I mean the man can brew a wicked pint of beer but his political views are a bit off the mark, and arguing that Margaret Thatcher was the best thing since sliced bread to a person of Scottish persuasion is a bit like saying Gordon Brown was the best Chancellor since Adolf Hitler

so all in all it was a partial re-union of "band-y-gegin" :)

all that I am now trying to figure out is why it took 1/2 a tank of petrol to get up there and less than 1/8th of a tank to get back, my only solution so far is that it's all downhill from North Wales :¬)

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