Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Man flu strikes me down

It started yesterday with the back of my nose sore when I woke up, I went to work and proceeded to sneeze constantly all day, but got home not feeling too bad, anyway I woke up this morning feeling dreadful, so I took the day off, the back of my throat and the back of my nose is soooooooo sore..... :(

I'll live.....Andrea is home as well...she isn't well at all either and is now sleeping soundly next to me on the sofa while I update this blog neither of us had a good nights sleep, hopefully we will feel better soon I don't like taking time off work at all but sometimes you have to take it easy to get well...

The weather is much colder of late, you can feel the change in the air much crisper and fresher..... :)

anyway nothing to report other than the above so will sign off

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