Sunday, 16 September 2007

a pain in the neck

Well I woke up on Saturday morning with a frozen neck and shoulder, fabulous, I have no idea how I did it I presume I must have slept awkwardly through the night, needless to say it's bloody painful and it has put pay to my fishing this weekend and the grass cutting.

I've only had this once before in my life when I was about 15 and I woke up unable to move my head and it was agony then and it's agony now, I can hardly function in the morning until my pain killers kick in.... and I'm taking Paramol and Ibuprofen but even that doesn't knock it on the head (excuse the pun) my sense of humour has also failed this weekend :(

So I'm really hacked off that I'm sitting around not able to do very much....... I think I will have to take my pain killers at least an hour or so before I am able to get out to work and I'm not looking forward to working at all come Monday, ahhh well....hopefully I'll be better soon

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