Monday, 24 September 2007

Where did the weekend go ?

I seemed to spend most of it dragging one of my customers from the dark ages of 1990's computing into the bright light that is Windows 2003 Server with SQL, thankfully all went well, but still I didn't manage to do any fishing :(

I fully intend to rectify that this weekend, Andrea is off work not feeling very well, I've told her to slow down and other than nailing her to the bedpost every morning there isn't a lot I can do, she does have a very strong work ethic, something completely alien to me, I've never had a wife who WANTS to work before..... I've had one that did bugger all and complained when there wasn't any money left, I think her words were "I won't skivvy for anyone"......indeed she didn't.....not even for her family.....anyway I digress I have more interesting things to ramble on about....

life goes on, shift work sucks big style but bills have to be paid etc etc and at least I "usually" get my weekends to myself so not all bad..... Car saga sorted out we just have to get rid of the old 106 now, I'm not having our driveway looking like a scrap merchant like the old house did....

anyway nothing much to report except I've seen a few films recently "300" and "hot fuzz" "300" was brilliant, "hot fuzz" was well ........crap, seriously they show the best bits in the excerpts they show on the tv, certainly not worth paying good money to go see in a cinema

time to go relax, I'm desperately trying to avoid watching "Eastenders" which the two ladies of the house can't seem to get enough of, I think I have waffled on enough now

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