Monday, 3 September 2007

Well the kids are back :)

By all accounts fun was had by all, the eldest lad had his eyebrow pierced, and I have to admit it suits him :) they went kayaking, land boarding, and loads of other things, the youngest came back with a snazzy pair of trainers not bad for a tenner, but he didn't get to design any of his dads new house which he was really excited about before he left, but I guess what with everything else they did, there simply wasn't any time, my step daughter has her leg in a plaster cast, and I've just found out she has to wear it for 6 weeks !!! apparently it's a sprained Achilles heel, she seems in good spirits though hobbling about on her crutches a spare pair of which are being used by the youngest as well, so we have a real cripple and a pseudo cripple in our midst, things have returned to normal. I suppose the only good thing with this injury is that neither of us will be dragged outside for any arduous matches or re-matches of "blob-ball"........awwwww shame ;¬)

The only other ongoing saga is my step daughters phone, I don't know if she has her phone back yet or not or if it's working, it was sent down to her dad to get it repaired ??? (this will be the second time it's needed repairing) but he didn't pick it up, so it was sent back, so that was a waste of £5.60 registered post !!! I can't see what needs repairing on it to be honest, it looked like it was working perfectly to me, just that it only accepted incoming calls and then they stopped, and she kept getting phone calls from people she didn't know asking for her dad but not discussing what it was about with her, I might be wrong but they usually do that when the bill hasn't been paid, but it's nothing to do with us, it was his present to her at Christmas we are both keeping out of it and not getting involved, but not particularly happy about wasting money on sending things that don't get picked up, what I do know is it's upsetting her....

Other than that the only other news is that Andrea is getting bigger by the minute, she is getting to the stage now where she has had enough, or in her words "I want to put the baby down it's too heavy" I do sympathise with her, although I have no idea what its like, but it can't be much fun at this stage, but she is keeping active, even though I have told her to slow down, not that she listens to me.

anyway another week starts.......... lets see what it brings :)

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