Thursday, 27 September 2007

The 106 is dead long live the 205 !!!

Well I drove the freshly taxed and insured "Duran Duran" era car to work today, other than a slight wobble when you brake it seems to perform ok, no steam, or clanking sounds, it cost £40 to fill it up and I will be scrutinising it's consumption of arabian goldtop over the next week, I have a feeling the CD player that was in it when we bought it costs more than the car, but who cares it drives, it's supposed to be economical..... it's purely an A to B car and if it costs less than the Terrano a week to fill up I'm all for it :)

"Puff" is sitting sadly in the driveway... :( .....soon to be stripped and scrapped

Anyway that's enough about the 106 it served it's purpose for a while......on the way to work I was quietly singing along to "Crazy Penis" this morning (don't ask......look them up, although I think they call themselves "Crazy P" these days I think it was something to do with getting air

My man flu has all but gone, I still feel dreadful but not bad enough to take a day off, Andrea is back working again today despite being told to pack in work..... I think I will have to nail her to the bedpost before I go to work to stop her from her compulsion :)

The Halo 3 recluse finally emerged at 6am the other morning to rush off to Carmarthen to buy his £70 cheesy halo 3 limited edition helmet, he had completed the game by the next morning I believe, although he says he is about a quarter way through the online element of the game, so at this rate he should have finished it by Tuesday of next week, good on him though saving his pocket money to buy it, at least he has something to show for it other than tooth decay or a thickening waist....

I will go fishing this weekend if I have to drag my dead body to the waters edge.....

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