Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Oh bugger.....

looks like the pug needs two new drive shafts, well probably just one, but I might be able to get away with replacing the CV joints we shall have to see......but best to replace both I guess :( hopefully this will be the end of it...... lets face it there isn't much else I can replace on the damn car, new bearings, new pads, new disc's.... but looking back I haven't really spent that much getting it working as it should, but you do begin to wonder what's going to go next on it

£8.50 x 2 bearings
£14.99 x 2 front discs
£12 for front pads (ish...can't remember)
£9 washer bottle pump

I think that's it plus the £20 for using a bearing press not bad I guess and the least you can expect to pay really considering the age of the car, everything else bar the small oil leak from somewhere near the alternator (which is common I hear, and not really serious....yet).... it's not like it has cost us hundreds of ££££'s to get roadworthy

The only other thing of note is that I got really hurt by a GIRL !! you have got to laugh but it just shows how bloody deadly this Aikido is she was half the size of me !!! ..... she is a blue belt so quite high up, but even so she really shouldn't have done what she did, my arm came so close to snapping it was untrue, hence the third party liability insurance I guess !!

she was learning the move "Nikkyo" and rather than doing it slowly to allow me the "Uke" to let her know when it hurt by tapping either her or myself, she (the Nage) snapped my wrist back and rotated it WAYYYYYYYY too far for my old tired bones..... the click and crunch was heard in the hall, closely followed by me hitting the mats with a loud thud, and the mad thing is I was laughing, which I do when I'm hurting quite badly.....(strange man)..... she was told off by the Sensei (the teacher) as she had missed the point of training in that both the "Uke" and the "Nage" are to learn by applying and receiving the technique and it is a two way street, the Sensei then demonstrated the technique on her at full speed, she was on the floor in less than a second with her hand up her back and his foot on her neck...........and she winced.....then tapped frantically...... he then said "see !! that shows you very little respect!!!" then he demonstrated how it should be in his Dojo where both attacker and defender learnt by their actions and showed each other respect at all times, I have to admit I'm not very comfortable with the etiquette side of things as Japanese culture is so foreign to me, but after a while it becomes second nature....

sitting crossed legged though bloody kills me....I haven't done that since I was in primary school and it shows !!! ;¬)

I'm really enjoying it and at £4 a session you can't knock it and it's quite easy for me to pick up, it has similarities in unarmed combat, but is more flowing and uses less energy to disable your attacker, and Nikkyo if used in anger will shatter your opponents wrist and elbow into about 20 pieces.....as the Sensei said "they tend not to get up after you have done that to them !!"

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